Monday, January 7, 2013

ISRAEL: The real destination to explore in 2013.


Eilat-Stress Relief
Dead Sea-Age Renew
Jerusalem-Spiritual Rebirth

In collaboration with Sunway Tours, Israeli tour operators of over thirty years standing in the industry, we propose the following trips for 2013.

To qualify, join/form a group of 10 persons travelling together.
February- Rev up your relationship, honeymoons and wedding anniversaries at the Dead Sea, Eilat and Jerusalem
April-Retreat to Jerusalem for spiritual rebirth and re-dedication
June-Summer getaway especially to the fun-filled city of Eilat on the Red Sea
August-Escape to the Dead Sea, on the footsteps of Cleopatra to the world’s only natural Spa for skin rejuvenation, or to get rid of rheumatism, arthritis etc.
October-Celebration of life: wine, dine and dance, play with the Dolphins, relax on the beaches, explore underwater corals etc in Eilat
December-The month of Christmas in Jerusalem! The time to renew your vows! Thanksgiving, reflections and planning for the New Year!

For inquiries, contact us on 01 878 2864, 0813 453 6545 or email

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