Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The Nigerian Minister for Agriculture, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina is renown nationally for his passion for the development of the agricultural sector of the country. I recall an experience at the BRACED summit held in Asaba, Delta State where he would not yield to the ten minutes assigned to him by the Managing Director of the Bank of Industry, Ms Evelyn Oputu to make his presentation. He was widely applauded. I was present at the summit as an investment attraction consultant

Like the ebullient Minister for Agriculture, we believe that agriculture should move from its present level of subsistence to a level where modern techniques and technologies are employed in its practice, particularly in an environment as ours where agriculture is the major occupation of the people. As a matter of fact, engaging the youths, especially the educated and fresh graduates would drastically reduce the level of unemployment currently faced in the country.

In 2013 therefore, we have put together a program with the objective of exposing Nigerians interested in farming to modern technologies and methods of Agriculture; from cultivation to processing, post harvest, marketing and export. The program, it is hoped, will inspire them to become independent agricultural business owners.

Israel has been chosen for the study tours on the strength of the innovative agricultural practices that have earned the country a pride of place in the comity of nations, agriculturally speaking. 

Agriculture in Israel is the success story of a long, hard struggle against adverse conditions and of making maximum use of arable land and scarce water. Its success lies in the determination and ingenuity of farmers and scientists who have dedicated themselves to developing a flourishing agriculture.

The close cooperation between R&D and industry led to the development of a market-oriented agri-business that exports agro-technology solutions worldwide. A good lesson to countries, including Nigeria, in dire need of solutions in their war against hunger, diseases, morbidity and mortality!

The proposed trips to Israel designed for at least ten persons would comprise of practical eight (8) days training sessions of lectures, study tours and excursions to various sites of interest in Israel including farms, agricultural processing plants, technology centres, the export and international cooperation institute.

The study tours and lectures will be given in English by Israeli experts drawn from the academia, state ministry of agriculture and entrepreneurs.

Overview of Israeli Agricultural Technology
Logistic Framework of Export: Harvest, Post Harvest, Packing and Transportation
Milk Production in Israel
Agricultural Risk Management                                                                
Marketing of agricultural products
Establishment of Value Chain Structure for Various Commodities
Agricultural Project Management; design, implementation and management

Study Tours
Kaplan Engineering and Agricultural Projects
Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute
Greenhouse; Intensive Vegetable Production
Intensive Crop Production Nursery
Drip Irrigation Company
Aquaculture – Fish Processing
Milk Products; Soft cheese, Yogurt and hard Cheese
Open-market and Supermarket as integral parts of the value chain
Field crop storage warehouse and harvesting machinery

The first program has been scheduled for March 2013 to hold in Israel. On request, sessions may be held in locations in Nigeria.

For further inquiries, email or call +234 1 878 2864.

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