Friday, May 21, 2010

In Nigeria, hospitality business booms, even for women of easy virtue

The driver has just brought in two chest drawers I bought for half the price from an expatriate returning to his country with his family. From a reliable source, not less than four expatriate families are leaving the services of the company. Many other companies are doing the same as every other week; there are text messages to people close to the expatriate community on household stuff for sale by departing families.

It is not unbecoming of these companies that few years ago provided such families with paradise on earth facilities in Nigeria for their expatriate staff. Their kids attend international schools where school tuition fees are not less than $20,000 a year, luxurious lifestyle, exotic vacations, hordes of maids and drivers at the beck and call of the wife of the male expatriate popularly referred to in Nigeria as the ‘Madam’.

Those were the good old days. Since the global meltdown, there has been belt tightening by companies especially those that hire expatriates to run their affairs in Nigeria. One of the silent decisions taken is to send back all married expats to their respective countries except if they are willing to stay single in Nigeria to keep their jobs

A latent fall-out of this initiative, gradually turning to a norm, is the rise in the number of women of easy virtue in cities with a high number of expatriate staff. With ‘madam’ and children out of the way and not too many exciting recreational facilities around, bored expatriates help themselves with women, most of them of easy virtue for a fee.

A new dimension to the growth in the business is the relocation of ladies from countries as near as neighboring West African countries and as far as Europe and Asia to enjoy the boom. It is rumored that some of these ladies take up accommodation in very expensive five star hotels reputed to house lots of expatriates and business travelers. Fun and revelry is the name of the game. Weekends are looked forward to.

To the expats, Nigeria is fun…forget all the crap about insecurity and lack of infrastructure… and to the sex workers, they have never had it so good. Nigeria is indeed a country to be. A Canaan flowing with milk and honey… but with its Sodom and Gomorrah!

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