Saturday, September 19, 2009

Delta state, Nigeria...unending business opportunities!

Time magazine has selected 'Africa, business destination' as one of the 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now, a collection of ideas in response to the changing global economy.

Would not you rather consider Delta state in Nigeria for Business?

With its highly literate population, a proposed world class Information Technology/business park, a free trade zone, cargo airport and relative peace in the region, Delta state is worth your consideration if you are thinking of doing business in Nigeria.

Yes, Delta means BUSINESS!.

From the left are Senator Patrick Osakwe, Hon. Azuka Osakwe and wife, Pharm. Chinyere Osakwe at a reception in honour of the Honorable Commissioner,Delta State Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Hon. Azuka Osakwe.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Thinking! Lagos streets lined with solar lights.

Lighting up the streets of a mega city such as Lagos is a welcome development. The benefits are many:

a. Perceived safety and security of residents and visitors.
b. Reduces crime by improving visibility.
c. Boosts surveillance efforts by the law enforcement agencies.
d. Increases street usage especially by women and the elderly, extend commercial activities into the night and boost travel and tours
e. Strengthens community cohesiveness, especially in residential estates, informal social control and signals community investment by the Government
f. Improves aesthetics and night beautification of streets and in estates
g. Increases outdoor sporting activities such as walk and strolling leading to general improved well-being of the people in the community/location

Adopting solar lighting is good thinking!

The use of solar street lights reduce the burden on grid transmissions. Nigeria, with a population of over 140 million people scattered over a land mass of about one million square kilometers in 36 states or 774 local government areas has a great challenge to promote a diversified electricity supply industry (energy mix) that meets the country’s current and future energy need, no matter the location.

Solar energy is one of the sources that fit properly into the Nigerian environment and would complement other sources effectively as an alternative source of energy in areas with grid electricity and in under-served areas.

It is clean, renewable therefore sustainable. With 3000 average sunshine hours a year, Nigeria has enough solar radiation to support the growth of the energy source to meet the country’s socio-economic needs as emphasized in the UN Millennium Development Goals to reduce poverty and to improve the quality of life of the people...yes! by the year 2015.

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