Friday, November 26, 2010

AfDB on how Nigeria can achieve Vision 20-2020. Investors, take note!

Let’s hear it from the African Development Bank…

AFRICAN Development Bank (AfDB) has affirmed that Nigeria’s achievement of Vision 20:2020 may remain a dream if challenges of infrastructure are not addressed early enough.

Donald Kaberuka,President AfDB who spoke in Abuja recently said inter alia “I have carefully looked through the Vision 20:2020 programme, which will help Nigeria to become one of the top economies in the world, but to do so three things appear to be critical.

1. The resolution of the questions on large bottleneck in infrastructure, all forms of infrastructure including energy, mass transit systems, roads, IT among others.

2. That the economic growth in Nigeria reaches the majority of the population and the best way to do it is to increase agricultural productivity and support to the small and medium size enterprises”.

3. That the Federal Government continues to demonstrate fiscal discipline, especially in the management of oil revenue, national budget and ensuring sound banking system as well as reduce dependence of the economy on oil and gas alone.

Source: The Nigerian Guardian Newspapers.

Last Word: These observations as noted by the President, AfDB point to the direction of opportunities in the Nigerian emerging economy. Be wise and act on it.

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