Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Park Inn Hotel To Open in Abeokuta, Nigeria

Stay @ the Park Inn Hotel while on visit to the Olumo Rock and other attractions in Ogun State.

The Rezidor Hotel Group announces two new Park Inn hotels: The Park Inn Luxembourg City featuring 99 rooms is scheduled to open in Q4 2010, and the Park Inn Abeokuta in Nigeria with 173 rooms will welcome the first guests in Q4 2010.

"These signings further underline and strengthen the ambitious growth of our dynamic mid market brand Park Inn", comments Kurt Ritter, President & CEO of Rezidor. "Launched in early 2003, Park Inn today comprises more than 130 hotels with more than 24,500 rooms in operation and under development across Europe, Middle East and Africa".

The Park Inn Abeokuta follows recent signings Rezidor has made in the emerging market of Nigeria - the group already develops hotels in the capital city Abuja and in Lagos. Abeokuta (meaning "under the rocks") is a major commercial centre in Ogun State 75 kilometres north of Lagos. The city's existing "Gateway Hotel" will be completely renovated into a modern Park Inn property with 173 guest rooms, a signature RBG Bar & Grill, meeting space including a ballroom and auditorium, a swimming pool, a gym and retail shops.

In terms of population, Nigeria is the largest country in Africa. Thanks to its massive oil reserves, it is also among the wealthiest and most economically important countries on the continent.

With an ambitious reform agenda and strong macroeconomic policies, the oil wealth is being better utilised to promote the growth of the country and diversify the economy. This continued development has resulted in a surge in demand from international business travellers and Nigeria's emerging middle class.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kentucky Fried Chicken Comes To Town!

Wondering why this should make a headline in Nigeria?

Well, it has not been easy trying to convince Franchisers, especially US Franchisers, of the business opportunities in Nigeria. They would rather go elsewhere!

Are they capitulating as a result of the economic meltdown in those 'preferred climes' or have suddenly realised the fast foods market potential in Nigeria? The future belongs here. Only time will tell.

Lagos Insider announces the coming of the Colonel to town. It reads...

When we go abroad, one thing we secretly look forward to is all that deliciously delicious, totally bad for you, junk food. And, on your behalf, we've been tracking reports that a global chain is opening in Lagos - and now it's official!

Kentucky Fried Chicken, inventors of the original, dipped in batter, southern deep fried chicken are now here. While their City Mall location may be less than ideal (you wouldn't know it from their brisk - start up - business) it's relatively central and they've done an excellent job creating an outlet that would fit in anywhere.

Which brings us to their food. As the franchise operator is from India, its not exactly what you'd get in US or UK, and while the crunchy, slightly spicy batter isn't the "original - 11 secret herbs and spices - recipe" it's not that bad...

Friday, December 11, 2009


Every year, Nigerians of the Christian faith go on pilgrimage to Israel. This year, about twenty thousand Nigerians are expected to make the trip

This was not the case with the trio of Ndudi Osakwe, Patrick Keku and Unuigbe Irheren. They traveled to Israel on a different mission. The reason for their visit was to attend a conference on Safe City Solutions held in Tel Aviv, Israel, November 30 to December 1, 2009.

Safe City has been defined to be a city that implements the simplest norms necessary for a quiet, safe life, free of concern about personal security.

The vision of a safe city is that of a city free of street urchins, violence, sale of alcoholic products in motor parks, hawking of pornographic materials on highways and street corners.

It is a city whose residents cooperate and respond to every violation of the norm as established by the government, a city that responds quickly to robberies, youth at risk, dysfunctional families. A safe city contributes to effective education of the preschoolers for the first five years or more in order to prevent the formation of social vices. This is a tall order in Nigeria.

Most Nigerian cities are homes to frustrated youths, poor families and those whose high expectations of the city environment have failed. Several affected persons have ended up as school drop-outs, street urchins, prostitutes, armed robbers, internet fraudsters, hard drug users and drunkards etc. These issues demand immediate remedy from the government

While doing that, a discerning government notes that increasingly, cities and urban regions compete with other places for attention, investment, visitors, shoppers, talent, events, and the like. With globalisation, competition is no longer limited to the capital and big cities as it now directly affects all cities and concentrations of urban settlements, near and far, within and outside of the country.

Given the above context, safe city has become one of the critical indices in the choice of where to live, invest or do business. Infact, safe city provides the prerequisite for city growth and success, increasing business opportunities and a basis for a high standard of living for residents and visitors.

Lagos Adopts Safe City Norms

Imagine a city in which state-of-the-art sensors detect thieves trying to break into a home, cameras record the license plate number of a car trying to rob a bank, and experienced switchboard operators handle every resident request online. This is not a city in another planet but a safe city whose policies is now implemented in many cities around the world.

The conference was declared open by Tzipi Livni, former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister with the Nigerian Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Olisa Dada in attendance.It kicked off with a well attended gala dinner and display of Israeli folklores and songs. However, the highpoint of the conference was on the second day when the best minds in Homeland Security matters from around the world delivered several papers on ensuring a safe city.

Technology solutions that enable emergency response units, law enforcement agencies and private security companies to reduce urban violence, fight crime and prevent threats were on display.

It was indeed the journey of ‘three wise men’ on a mission to the Holy land.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Invitation to African Logistics Companies and Freight Forwarders.

A Good Movie Starts With A Good Plot.

Though the US National Intelligence Agency predicted that the world economy would shift to the Far East especially India and China by the year 2025, it is happening very quickly. According to the Economist, China would become the world's second largest economy in 2010, with a sustained GDP growth of 8.6%.

Would not you rather do business in such an economy?

Slowly but surely, China meandered its way from being a cheap source of clothing and consumer items to becoming a major player in the key sectors of the economy including oil and gas, transportation, telecommunications, construction and energy etc.

Now, you have the opportunity to be visible in 2010.

Infoplus/IBG Nigeria has secured the mandate of JC Trans to locate, screen and qualify discerning African Freight Forwarders and Logistics companies looking to make a difference in 2010. is a leading logistics website set up to provide global networking services for freight forwarders and other logistical service providers; with the goal of strengthening the business cooperation between Chinese and Overseas freight forwarders and to provide an online platform for global freight forwarders.

According to Alexa, a reputable website ranking institution, JCtrans has been ranked the No.1 logistics website in China for the last five years in succession.

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