Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kentucky Fried Chicken Comes To Town!

Wondering why this should make a headline in Nigeria?

Well, it has not been easy trying to convince Franchisers, especially US Franchisers, of the business opportunities in Nigeria. They would rather go elsewhere!

Are they capitulating as a result of the economic meltdown in those 'preferred climes' or have suddenly realised the fast foods market potential in Nigeria? The future belongs here. Only time will tell.

Lagos Insider announces the coming of the Colonel to town. It reads...

When we go abroad, one thing we secretly look forward to is all that deliciously delicious, totally bad for you, junk food. And, on your behalf, we've been tracking reports that a global chain is opening in Lagos - and now it's official!

Kentucky Fried Chicken, inventors of the original, dipped in batter, southern deep fried chicken are now here. While their City Mall location may be less than ideal (you wouldn't know it from their brisk - start up - business) it's relatively central and they've done an excellent job creating an outlet that would fit in anywhere.

Which brings us to their food. As the franchise operator is from India, its not exactly what you'd get in US or UK, and while the crunchy, slightly spicy batter isn't the "original - 11 secret herbs and spices - recipe" it's not that bad...

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