Monday, July 20, 2009

It is Small World in Nigeria!

Small World is an annual event usually held in February by the Expatriate and Foreign Residents Community in Nigeria to raise funds for charity organizations supported by the various nationalities. Hundreds of thousands of US Dollars are raised at the event from gate takings, corporate and embassies sponsorship.

This is possible because they feel welcomed in Nigeria and have the urge to give back to the country many of them now call their home. Food, drinks and culture of the various nations are shared amongst the more than five thousand guests invited to grace the occasion.

It is a high profile event looked forward to by all Expats and Foreign Residents in the country especially Lagos, the commercial hub of Nigeria. It is hoped that through this community from well over 80 countries worldwide, foreign direct investment and good will would flow into Nigeria.

Moreover, overseas companies can take advantage of the reservoir of their very educated and highly skilled natives married to Nigerians (called the Nigerwives), most of whom enjoy dual citizenship as Nigerians as well, to invest in the country. A huge human capital resource base waiting to be harnessed; no more Work Permit, no more Resident Permit, no more wahala!

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