Saturday, July 16, 2016

Agribusiness Masterclass

The Buhari administration has identified agriculture as one of the sectors of the economy that need re-jigging with a view to making Nigeria self sufficient in food production. 

Like the administrators of the country, we believe that agriculture should move from its present level of subsistence to a level where modern techniques and technologies are employed in its practice, particularly in an environment as this where agriculture is the major occupation of the people, especially the Women and Youth. To this end, we are proposing an agriculture and agribusiness masterclass that would comprise of One Day of practical training sessions of lectures, presentations by multimedia and demonstrations by an Israeli expert.

The choice of an Israeli resource person cannot be overemphasized. Agriculture in Israel is the success story of a long, hard struggle against adverse conditions and of making maximum use of arable land and scarce water. 

Its success lies in the determination and ingenuity of farmers and scientists who have dedicated themselves to developing a flourishing agriculture. The close cooperation between R&D and industry led to the development of a market-oriented agribusiness that exports agro-technology solutions worldwide. A good lesson to countries, including Nigeria, in dire need of solutions in their war against hunger, diseases, morbidity and mortality! 

The first phase of the masterclass would hold in three cities viz: Lagos, Kaduna and Enugu.

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