Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Showcase Seminar, Brazil Business Mission Possible!

 *Showcase Brazil seminar was hosted, March 25, by Infoplus Business as it collaborates with Nigeria Brazil Centre for Business to raise awareness of Nigerians on the possibility for expanded business relationship with the people of Brazil.

Though Brazil shares some elements of culture, ecology and demography with Nigeria, its advancement in science and technology has become a requirement for Nigeria as it transforms its economy’.  While Nigeria belongs to the MINT countries, Brazil as a member of the BRICS provides a guiding light to Nigeria as it develops its infrastructure and rejig its economy.

Nigeria can learn a couple of lessons from Brazil’s agriculture and agribusiness, affordable housing provision and financing, Information Technology and Software Publishing for the Oil and Gas sector and financial service. To effectively position Nigeria among the MINT countries and the comity of nations, sources of energy other than fossil fuels should be harnessed. Brazil offers a lead in this direction.

The growth in the Nigerian middle class and the attendant improvement in quality of life have seen the rise in retail franchising in the country. Brazil is a good destination for beauty supplies, fashion and wellness products. The expansion in shopping mall development in the country is an additional incentive for the discerning in Nigerian cities, with its thriving middle class population with good disposable income.

We have proposed to lead a business mission to three cities in Brazil, June 1-7. Participants would have the opportunities for business and social networking, company visits and travel. In the course of the Mission, participants would be assisted to engage Brazilian business people for partnerships, strategic alliances or to serve as agents and distributors of products and services in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s positioning to attract global firms starts here, with the Brazil business mission. The Showcase seminar was the harbinger!

*An address by Ndudi Osakwe at the just concluded Showcase Brazil seminar in Lagos, Nigeria.
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