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We are business facilitators, market researchers and consultants. We are Nigerians as well as Israelis. We have lived and worked in Israel and now do the same in Nigeria therefore we understand the cultural nuances in both countries. 'We speak their languages'.

Coming back to Nigeria was to represent the US federal states of Missouri and California Offices of International Marketing, East Mediterranean Regional Office in Nigeria. We have since moved on to doing business in other parts of the world, leading business delegations to Singapore, China and Israel. Amongst other things, we have also contributed to doing ‘business beyond borders’ by holding a seminar on cross border trade between Nigeria and Benin Republic in collaboration with the Consulate of Benin Republic, Lagos. Recently we collaborated with the Nigeria-Israeli Chamber of Commerce to host a seminar on Doing Business in Israel. We provide market intelligence, conduct market research, do business matching, assist with market entry, help to locate agents and distributors. The Principal Consultant is also an academic and for his Ph.D would be investigating Nigeria-China business relations by applying various spatial interaction models....that's for another day!
There are many other things that we do as business consultants. Like... we offer non pilgrimage travel services to locations within Israel that traditional pilgrimage may not consider. As a matter of fact, this service is packaged with the middle to upper class in mind whereby in addition to their routine of unwinding in locations in Nigeria, are also able to temporarily get away from the hustle and bustle of Nigerian daily living.

Israel is particularly interesting because of the range of options it offers on stress relief, age renew and body rejuvenation. It is also a great location for honeymoon getaways, vows renewal, spiritual rebirth and journey of a lifetime experience. The Dead Sea was first brought into prominence by Cleopatra the King of Egypt and the Queen of Sheba, King Solomon's mistress. The Roman Caesars were also regulars at this World's only natural Spa. Today, visitors from all over the world throng the Dead Sea especially for Wellness.
On the other hand, Eilat with its breath taking view of the Red Sea is a resort worth visiting. Visit to Israel without reaching Jerusalem is incomplete. We do not wish to bore you more by telling you about the myths and holiness of Jerusalem.

Just form a group of ten persons and give us a call. Special surprises await you. Email

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July 2013: an ALL-TIME record for tourism numbers to Israel!
By Ashley on August 12, 2013

The month of July saw an all-time record for incoming tourism: 246,000 tourists (staying more than one night) entered Israel in July 2013, which is up 2% on July 2012.

220,000 entries were by air (3% up on last year), while 26,000 arrived through the border crossings, 8% down on last year (largely due to a big fall in those coming from Sinia/Taba into Eilat).

Some 54,000 day visitors (16,000 on cruise ships, 16,000 via land crossings, and 22,000 by air) entered Israel during the month, 24% up on last year.

The year so far, up to and including July is also looking very good, if only very slightly up on last year’s numbers for the same period. More than 2 million visitors have arrived in Israel, meaning yet another record figure for the months Jan-July, and breaking the previous record from 2012.

Of these entries, 1.7 million were tourists, actually 1% down on 2012, and 1.4 million entries were recorded by air, a slight increase of 0.4% compared to the same period in 2012. The numbers are up thanks to the increase in day visitors, some 10% up on the same period last year (139,000 came on cruise ships, 27% up on 2012, 148,000 came via the border crossings, down 9% on 2012, and 70,000 by air, a 34% increase).