Thursday, March 24, 2011

World Water Day: Combating the Incidence of Cholera in Nigeria.

Water-related diseases such as Cholera are among the most common causes of illness and death, affecting mainly the poor in developing countries. They kill more than 5 million people every year, more than ten times the number killed in wars.

According to experts at the National Council on Water Resources (NCWR) that met in Abuja recently, Nigeria currently has the highest prevalence of water borne diseases in the world. This, they added, has resulted in high infant mortality in the country; a discouraging report in the realization of the UN Millennium Development Goals on reduction of child mortality and improvement in maternal health by the year 2015.

Women Villagers leave their homes in search of water. AP/Pervez Masih

Tackling this epidemic should be of concern to all.The good news is that an Israeli company, CQM has come forward with a product capable of abating the incidence of water borne diseases especially in poor and rural communities where potable drinking water is rare.

However, to position itself in the market, the company seeks a Nigerian Representative company of good standing and geographical spread for its range of water technology products which include the SR-DW (Water Purification by Electro-chlorination System) with many applications including the disinfection of drinking water and process water in the food and beverage industry, high purity water for pharmaceutical companies and disinfection of water in pools and industrial processes etc.

Indicate your interest in this business opportunity to work with local government councils, state governments, the federal government and corporate bodies in their search for clean and potable water.

Email us on or call our office on 01 878 2864 or 080 2353 0007 for more information.

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