Thursday, September 14, 2017


Finding a solution with Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS is a technology that organises information from multiple sources into all types of layers that can be visualised, analysed and combined to help us understand almost everything about our world. It is rapidly evolving and providing a whole new framework and process, uncovering meanings and insights from within data about everything and at the same time provides a platform for intuitively understanding this data as an integrated whole. Today, hundreds of thousands of organisations in virtually every field of human endeavour are using GIS to make maps that communicate, perform analysis, share information and solve complex problems.

 The advancement of wireless transmission technology and the rise of mobile device simplifies the processes and break the limit of GIS portability problem. It not only expands the GIS application fields, such as personal navigation, electronic commercial application, field survey system, emergency response and rescue system etcetera, but also makes mobile GIS software functions more complete and diversified.  As for lightweight users, however, it is not economical to spend a huge cost purchasing a set of powerful and complete mobile GIS software of which only some basic tools are needed to achieve the goal.

We are business facilitators and researchers and happy to introduce GIS products especially mobile GIS software that are most complete, highly efficient and affordable. Ours is a set of lightweight mobile GIS software which facilitates field surveyors with mobile devices to proceed with the basic data collection, measure GPS positions amongst others. It provides various basic and necessary GIS tools as well as the easy, intuitive and friendly manipulation mode that not only simplify the operation actions and shorten the time of being familiar with the system but also satisfy the users’ needs.

In addition, it has stylish interface that display numerous buttons and toolbars without possessing much map display space, therefore, users can have an easy-to-use operation environment to significantly improve the work efficiency. Our software also provides various GPS tools to assist workers in handling the current coordinate position, and these tools can be the base of editing and survey as well. 

Due to the user-friendly operation environment and easy-to-use tools of our mobile GIS software, it could be said to be the most appropriate GIS tool for the users who do not have the demands of updating data immediately and only need basic survey tools. It has a number of features that is able to facilitate users to proceed with field survey and improve the data usability and applications.

In addition, there is a bouquet of far ranging programs in Desktop and Enterprise GIS that are interoperable, affordable, comes with good after care and have become the toast of many GIS users in several locales across the world.

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